About Us

Núñez Enterprises Global Intercultural Strategies (NEGIS) is a hybrid learning and talent development consultancy offering impactful learning solutions for organizations requiring excellence in performance from their people and passion to make a positive impact in their organizations, their stakeholders, and the customers they serve.

Founded in 2006, our mission is to make a difference in how people learn, perform and influence those around them. We specialize in contextualizing talent development needs through training, coaching, and consulting services. Our programs and workshops result in mesurable, practical, and value-added outcomes for individuals, and teams across multiple levels and functions.

Our Vision

To be your exciting learning partner by inspiring people to transform how they think, act, and influence, and for that transformation to transcend beyond the learning experience.

Our Mission

Provide fulfilling, creative, and effective learning experiences so people can be the best version of themselves be committed to transfer their learning to those around them and contribute the highest value by delivering results to the organizations they represent.