Training, Consulting, Coaching, and Facilitation on: Global Leadership, Presence, and Performance

By living and working in a global environment, people need to be assertive, confident, and influential when interacting with others.  Our workshops provide tools and frameworks for participants to be more relevant and impactful at their workplace, maximizing the use of their strengths and leadership skills. 

Participants will also learn how to create environments of inclusion, sharpen their communication and negotiation skills, and raise their level of competence through complementing relationships across multicultural, multifunctional and diverse groups.

Multicultural/Multi-functional Team Synergy Consulting, Coaching, and Facilitation on: Global Leadership, Presence, and Performance

We offer multiple-day learning-intensive programs focused on creating cohesive climates of collaboration that cultivate inclusion, innovation, trust, vulnerability, execution and sustainability.  In these workshops, participants will learn practical tools to foster the conditions for success for themselves and their teams, while having an impact on the business and the customers that they serve. 

These workshops are thought-provoking, learner-centric and encourage participants to develop emotional intelligence skills, awareness and sensitivity, while becoming mindful and accountable for their role within the team.  The expected outcome is to become  a high performance team that can role-model behavior with other teams in the organization becoming catalysts of change.

Cross-Cultural Business for Groups and Individuals

Either for business travelers, expatriates on an international assignment, or people working in multicultural teams, these workshops increase the effectiveness of your employees when living and/or working in a foreign country or interacting with global teams. 

Our programs provide pragmatic and globally proven tools and frameworks that enable individuals to develop the right set of skills, awareness, sensitivity and knowledge to be more influential and effective when interacting with global stakeholders. These workshops also focus on global mindfulness towards successfully getting the job done while positively impacting the business, and getting the best collaboration from their global peers. 

Leading Global Methodologies and Learning Solutions-Cultural Business for Groups and Individuals

It is a privilege for us to have been selected as learning partner and affiliate to some of the most prestigious Learning and Development providers across the globe.  It is through these partnerships that we can offer scalability and international reachability to some of the best programs in terms of leadership development, demonstration of value, positive influence and negotiation:


We have partnered with LIW3, a global leadership consultancy, in the initiative to democratize leadership. And we have partnered with LIW3 to bring Ola to the Americas and deliver immediate and sustainable impact through leadership solutions. 

Vantage Partners

We have partnered with this consultancy leader which helps companies advance by aligning transformation strategies with the power of collaboration through programs such as negotiation and positive influence skills for the LATAM market.

Kirkpatrick Four Levels Evaluation Certification Program

We are certified by the Kirkpatrick Partners organization to bring the Bronze certification program to Latin America and make it available in Spanish, helping transform training professionals and learning functions into true strategic business partners.  We equip people to create significant value for their business stakeholders and demonstrate impact to the bottom line.

Executive Cultural and Language Coaching

OD and L&D Consultingm

For the more experienced professional who understands the basics of conducting business abroad, our coaching sessions focus on taking your skills and knowledge to the next level of situation control when working with foreign nationals.  Content may include techniques on negotiations, positive influence, assertiveness, conflict resolution and nuances of using English and Spanish in business.

Do you have any other language translation needs? Through our partnership with accredited translation consultancies, we can direct you to a reliable provider that best suits your needs.

Keynote Speeches and Philanthropic Work

Keynote Speeches

Ricardo is an influential keynote speaker with extensive international experience. During his international career, he has addressed attendees at conferences, roundtables, seminars, and retreats around the world.

Philanthropic Work

Our passion and commitment focus on creating a positive impact in the world through making global awareness reachable to anyone and everyone.  We welcome any initiative to promote diversity, inclusion and a multicultural mindset. 

In today’s world, learning might not always be possible for several reasons. At NEGIS, one of our goals is to help people from all corners of the world have access to information.  We believe that this philanthropy will foster ingenuity, talent, and curiosity to learn more about the world through volunteer work speaking to audiences about intercultural competence, diversity and Inclusion and personal growth.